As you may have heard, New York State’s presidential primary has been cancelled. However, womxn are still running for Congress, state Assembly and Senate, for local office, and for Democratic committee offices, and they are still on the ballot on June 23!

All eligible voters can vote by mail for the June 23 primary. To do so, eligible voters will need to apply for an absentee ballot.

Through an executive order, Governor Cuomo has ordered the state to send all eligible registered voters an absentee ballot application in the mail with return postage paid. Please fill this out in black or blue ink, indicate “temporary illness” as your reason for voting absentee, and mail it back by the indicated deadline.

Important! Your absentee ballot application will be mailed to the address at which you are registered to vote. If you are currently staying elsewhere, you may make arrangements to receive your application at that location by contacting your local BOE (Board of Elections).

You may also proactively apply for an absentee ballot yourself. If you have access to a printer and mailing supplies, you may also download, fill out, print, and mail the application. It is available in English and Spanish.

Your county may also have the option to apply by email. Find your county BOE here. If so, you would download it, fill it out, and email it to the address provided by your county.

Ballots will begin being mailed the second week of May.